How to Earn Money on YouTube in 2020

YouTube – a Platform in Earning Money Online

How to Earn Money on YouTube in 2020?

how to earn money on youtube

YouTube, as we all know and love is the go-to site whenever we want to watch videos about anything we like, YouTube has it all! It’s considered to be the number one video sharing platform among all others and is also very popular with people all over the world! It’s everything there is when it comes to videos!

What I’m gonna show you right now is how you can earn money on YouTube in various ways! The opportunities when it comes to earning money on YouTube are endless! Right now, there are so many people who we call “YouTubers”, “vloggers”, video creators, content creators, and all those things. These people are one of the reasons why YouTube has become a multibillion-dollar platform! YouTube makes money while they also make money! It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Here is How You Can Earn Money on YouTube!

  • YouTube Partner Program and Adsense or ads

This is the main source of how a YouTuber can earn money by the videos he creates. The YouTube Partner Program enables users to monetize their videos, by “monetize”, I mean earn or make money from the videos they make through “ads” by Google Adsense. Now before you enter the program, you need to be 18 and above or have a legal guardian 18+ who can manage your profit from Adsense.

Another thing you need to have is at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months which basically means that you need to have a total of 4,000 hours of watch time from your viewers in the last 12 months, that’s why content and time are your two best friends when it comes to video production. Another thing you need to have is at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel.

Once you have reached those two things, YouTube will automatically review your channel whether it can be part of the YouTube Partner Program. Don’t worry, usually, it gets approved just as long as the content or the channel doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of YouTube. You’ll receive the approval within a week or so!


  • Affiliate Links

This method is recommended especially when you’re one of those influencers or YouTubers who like to give reviews on a certain product they bought and recommend to others. Affiliate links are where a company like Amazon pays you a small cut when someone purchases a certain product using the link you gave, it’s usually 8 to 10 percent cut of the sale. This way can really help you in earning more on YouTube by using your influence towards your fans or followers.


  • Crowdfunding with your fans

This is also an optional method for you to do if ever you’re looking into more profit and other reasons for your channel. Let’s say you’ve already reached a lot of subscribers or followers for your channel, it’s not always a bad idea to start crowdfunding for you and your fans. Let’s say you want to start crowdfunding to improve your channel, to use it for new content for your videos, to raise money for good reasons, all those can be examples of why you can start crowdfunding for your followers.


  • YouTube SEO

For those who have not started to gain a following on their YouTube channels, you should try this! What you need to do is research keywords that most people usually use when it comes to searching on YouTube. You can try to Google on what keywords are usually used. After doing an ample amount of research, try to add those keywords in your video title, video description, and video tags. This way you can easily be seen as one of the results when someone uses those keywords to search for a video on YouTube which leads to more views for your videos!


  • Channel Membership

Let’s say you’ve already gained a huge number of subscribers and the content you’re giving out on your channel is very unique or when the content is of high interest to those who have subscribed to your channel, get this! YouTubers can already “charge” users to subscribe to their channel! Talk about double the profit right?

From the user’s or viewer’s side, why should they subscribe to your channel if they get charged for it? This is where the unique and high-quality content comes in! Before you consider this method, you should always look back and see if your channel is ready for that kind of “exclusiveness” because users can easily switch and subscribe to the other person who is also giving the same kind of content you’re giving to them, so make sure to check if you’re ready for this kind of “level”.

To apply this method, you first need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, you also need 30,000 plus subscribers (1,000 plus for gaming channels), and your videos need to be as “original” as possible (ex. Less “claimed” music).

how to earn money on Youtube

  • Sponsorships

I guess most of you have heard or know what “sponsorships” mean right? For those of you who don’t know or not familiar with it, it means that brands or company pays you to include them in your video. It can be through a special mention, a “shout out”, the typical “this video is sponsored by *blank*, endorse their products or services, it’s basically promoting them to your viewers!

This is also a good way to earn money on YouTube because brands or companies usually pay something in return for including them on your video, it can be through money, goods or services, or even both! Today, there are so many YouTubers who are sponsored by brands or companies for their goods and services and I think it’s pretty good for both sides, it’s a win-win situation for both!


Final Thoughts on How to Earn Money on YouTube

These are some of the methods on how you can earn money on YouTube! I said “some” because, in all honesty, the money earning opportunities on YouTube are endless! I can’t even begin to think about how many ways there are to earn money on YouTube! I’m not a YouTuber but I’m a big fan of YouTube! I hope this post can help those of you who want or aspire to become a YouTuber! Honestly, making this post makes me also want to become one! If they can do it, why not us!

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