How to Make Money thru Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines this 2020

Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines for Every Juan

Making Money while Doing Nothing through Affiliate Marketing

Our eyes twinkle at the idea of earning money. Basically, everyone aspires to be rich without doing anything. Seeing your bank balance increase while traveling during a vacation or even while getting a good night’s sleep, and money will just pour in a blink of an eye… that’s the dream. Most of us believe that working in an office setting for 8 hours a day won’t guarantee our roads to becoming a millionaire.

Well, admit it or not, our browser history can testify how we have searched “how to earn extra money online” on Google and YouTube, resorting to answering paid online surveys out of desperation and being victims of clickbait posts and videos, all for the quest of money.

If you’re stuck at home, singing the “young, dumb and broke” anthem, potentially anxious of a zero balance on your bank account (I bet you’re not the only one), maybe you should continue reading and give affiliate marketing in the Philippines a shot.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines is ideal for earning passive income. You don’t have to worry about being trapped in the four corners of your home. Whether a new pandemic emerges again (hopefully not), you’re prepared for its adverse economic and financial consequences.

This one’s simple to comprehend. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a company’s products/services, and someone buys through your link, you have a share in that income; you’ll be rewarded with a commission. That’s affiliate marketing. You act as a salesperson or an agent. You promote these products through your Facebook page, blog, website, or even YouTube channel.

Websites, primarily those for online shopping, such as Shopee, Zalora, and Lazada allow you to register for their affiliate programs, granting you the privilege to market their products and reward you a commission for the sales. You don’t need to buy the products you promote or have them delivered to you; your goal would simply be to refer them to a market of interested buyers.

A blogger from (the name was not disclosed) makes a whopping 6 figures per month from affiliate marketing in the Philippines. He started 2 years ago in affiliate marketing under Lazada, while being an experienced blogger for 5 years. Let me repeat, 6 figures… so let our response be, “SANA ALL.”


Why should I engage in affiliate marketing?

  1. Passive income

Passive, that’s it. A few words are enough for a wise (and broke) person. You earn money while doing almost nothing, or while dealing with your other priorities (including building your Tiktok career). As passive income continues to generate without much of your attention, you tend to be productive every second of the day.

  1. Minimal investment

Generally, signing up for affiliate programs is free. The minimal investment kicks in when you begin to establish your own blog or website. In contrast to online selling, affiliate marketing does not require a huge amount of capital and relieves you of the fear of incurring future losses. Online selling also translates into intense competition. Nonetheless, in affiliate marketing, you promote the products through your blogs and pages, write reliable reviews, attach the generated affiliate link, wait for an audience and their clicks will conveniently give rise to money.

  1. Earning money, the fun way

Work does not feel work if you enjoy what you do: a typical saying, but true. You showcase your writing and marketing skills; you communicate with diverse kinds of people. Stress and burnout won’t devour you when you let your skills, passion and determination collaboratively work for you.


The Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines Starter Pack

Be sure to equip yourselves with these requirements to jumpstart your affiliate marketing career.

  1. Facebook page, website, blog, or YouTube Channel

Of course, you need an established platform to promote the products. These will be your “havens” for effective affiliate marketing in the Philippines.

affiliate marketing using social media

Your personal Facebook account and other social media applications such as Twitter and Instagram won’t suffice for affiliate programs to accept your registration. Your own Facebook account, where you regularly upload your Tiktok videos and where you share funny memes won’t obviously convince the affiliate program you signed up with. Your personal accounts must be somehow separate from your business endeavors.

In affiliate marketing, you must prove that you are capable of marketing and adding value to products. Your appealing page, channel, or blog with a decent number of followers and generated traffic will be one of your tickets to affiliate marketing in the Philippines. Through your page or blog, you entice readers to buy the product you promote.

You provide credible reviews, and once you earn the customers’ trust and loyalty, they’ll visit your blog constantly as their “go-to” blog. Your readers will share your page, as well as the products you market, and you’ll certainly reach a wider audience. You can also level up your vlogging career by engaging in more monetizing ways, such as reviewing and marketing products as your content.

Promote and embrace the brand as if you own them.

  1. A wise selection of products to promote

In wisely choosing products to market, you must decide on your niche: fashion, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, health, gaming, sports, traveling, etc. On the categories mentioned, which interests you? Upon analyzing the trends, which one would generate the highest sales?

choosing health niche

I’m sure you’re now asking yourself, “So what products shall I promote?”

In answering the question above, remember the keyword: PERA.

Product related to your niche

Experience with the product

Results/benefits from the product

Amount you’ll receive (commission)

When you are certain with the niche you have chosen, you’ll have to assess which product to promote, your potential candidate for high sales. Those items that you patronize, or currently using can be your top choices since you can share your actual reviews, and you can provide proof that you’re satisfied with the products through pictures and videos. Also, ensure that the products provide benefits to your customers; refrain from promoting products with very poor reviews.

Last, but definitely not the least, the commission. The higher the commission, the better.

Let’s say, for example, Zalora has a commission rate of 6%. Your chosen niche is fashion, primarily footwear. You recently purchased your Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes from Zalora and you’re leaning to market them. You’re torn between promoting your Air Jordan 1, which costs P6,000 or your Nike Air Force 1, which you bought at P4,000 a year ago.

After assessing the trends, you realized that the Air Jordan 1 is currently in demand. After weighing the benefits, you prefer marketing the Air Jordan 1, the current fad, and the option where you’re slated to receive higher commissions. You’ll earn P360 for each sale. Eyes on the prize, honey. Be wise.


Deciding for your Niche: A Guide

            Here are some scenarios you could relate to, or could spark your interest:

  1. You love shopping trendy tops on Shopee, and recently bought your favorite piece to date, a clothing piece reputed with top sales and high reviews. Choose fashion as your niche and gear towards marketing and promotion. May it be the trendy crop top, knitted sweater, tie-dye shirt, or the puffed sleeve dress that every girl will go crazy for. The same goes if you’re a sneakerhead or an avid collector of Nike shoes on Zalora.
  2. You’re a health advocate and a believer in food supplements. Health will be your niche, and you’re inclined to carry the reputation of promoting safe and effective food supplements to cater to other fellow health advocates.
  3. You are obsessed with playing games such as DOTA, League of Legends, Valorant, and NBA 2k as well. You recently purchased a gaming chair on Lazada. Your fellow gamer friends kept on praising your well-designed gaming chair. Your niche will fall under the category of gaming.
  4. You’re a workout enthusiast and regularly buy workout equipment on Lazada. Your niche will obviously be fitness.


  1. Affiliate programs

This will be the most crucial part. All your initial efforts and hard work will go haywire if you don’t manage to get into affiliate programs. Commissions may vary; they can be in a flat rate or a percentage fee. These affiliate programs offer from 2% to 50% commissions.

You need to apply and register on affiliate programs to launch your affiliate marketing career. They authorize you to promote their products, and they generate affiliate links to track the sales promoted by you. Shipping, customer complaints, and returns are out of your concerns.

You can start with several websites available, but online shopping sites such as Shopee, Zalora, and Lazada, as well as Ebay and Amazon are most preferred in the Philippines. Aside from products, you can also promote subscriptions and travel bookings.


  • Lazada

Lazada is one of the “go-to” online shopping sites in the Philippines and offers a variety of products at its best prices. Lazada prides in offering one of the most prominent affiliate programs.

Sign up on Lazada Affiliate Program here

  • Shopee

Shopee does not have a direct affiliation program, requiring you to sign up through InvolveAsia. However, the application process isn’t as easy as pie. You must ensure that your pages generate traffic to be accepted, otherwise, they will reject your application. Don’t be discouraged; there’s no harm in trying. We must be rich whatever it takes since we’re all delighted with luxury (or we indulge in online shopping hauls every time).

Sign up on Shopee Affiliate Program here

  • Zalora

Zalora caters high-end brands, so you’ll most likely generate higher commission due to its higher prices. Zalora offers a 6% commission for new customers and a 4% commission for returning customers. You, the affiliate, display ZALORA adverts, customer clicks on the adverts, the customer is directed to, then customer purchases within 7 days, orders are approved, and finally, the affiliate receives the commissions.

Sign up on Zalora Affiliate Program here

Other sites you can join are Ebay, Amazon, TravelBook Philippines, Microrefer, Godaddy and Photobook. You can give the sites a shot to earn a spot in the affiliate marketing in the Philippines.


  1. Writing and marketing skills

Being business-minded involves presenting your business to your audience effectively. Let’s say, your selected niche is fashion and applied on the Shopee Affiliate Program under InvolveAsia. Luckily, you got accepted. You are perfectly aware that the trends in fashion today are dominantly meshed dresses. You browsed Shopee and saw a beautiful mesh dress, flooded with good reviews. You then wrote on your blog and made an honest review of the item.

The way you write and market your product will significantly increase your sales commissions. Keep that in mind. You should start exerting effort in writing your blogs, as well as convincing your followers on your YouTube channel to buy what you promote.

Mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blogs to be easily searchable on Google is a must for it will boost your audience reach. It’s about how you appeal to the public, how you position the brand on the customers’ minds. That’s the foundation of affiliate marketing.


  1. Determination and Patience

Even the most profitable businesses you can name started from scratch. Just like online selling, no one is interested in what you sell at first. Likewise, affiliate marketing is a step-by-step process. Your network will grow, and you will see accomplished progress in a period of time.


Final Note to Newbies

Let’s wrap up everything that was discussed above. Again, affiliate marketing lets you promote a company’s products and rewards you a commission for every sale. You’ll be needing an established page, a niche for products, registration on affiliate programs, writing and marketing skills, and the determination. Affiliate marketing in the Philippines provides such wonderful opportunities for your business endeavors.

Yes, affiliate marketing lets you earn money while asleep. But success does not happen overnight. Beware about falling into the beginner’s trap. Don’t rely on affiliate marketing as your main source of income right away. If you felt discouraged by now, let go of that fear; you’ll never really be certain on what will happen next, right? The first step you will take to affiliate marketing could be that great launch to your success.

The richest people in the world didn’t give up that easily. Apple, Google, and Disney are all well-known to have started their businesses in garages. Perhaps, you need direction; you’re interested but you don’t know how to start. Start adjusting your focus and come up with a plan.

Here’s a piece of advice. As the Law of Inertia states, “An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Okay, let’s make it simpler and easier to understand. Nothing happens until something moves. Go ahead, get up, Juan, and we’ll be waiting for your success story in affiliate marketing!

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